Company History

The IAG Group was founded by twin brothers, Michael and Bernard Chang.

With now nearly 40 years history in the audio manufacturing industry, Michael and Bernard’s business journey began in Taiwan, in the 1980s.

Moving to Hong Kong in 1991, and then entering China in the late 1990s, Michael and Bernard expanded their business activities with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities focus on the audio, visual and lighting industries. The rapid expansion that followed, saw the Chang Twin’s business portfolio evolves into one the fastest growing independent audio manufacturers, in the world.

Opportunities arose for the acquisition of brands, talent and intellectual property which enabled the twin’s manufacturing empire to expand into new areas, enhancing legacies and breathing new life to familiar, well established but challenged, audio brands.

The acquisition of Wharfedale, Castle, Quad and Leak, coupled with the expansion of Wharfedale Pro Audio accelerated the growth of the IAG Group business family through to the early 2000s.

Along with the brand acquisitions came an array of globally respected talent, much of which remain with the company until this day.

The acquisition of Mission, and then shortly afterwards, Audiolab followed. The IAG Group’s inward investment allowed for global expansion with in demand products, unrivalled efficiency and market leading technological developments.

In 2013, the IAG Group has outgrown the capacity offered by the well-established manufacturing locations in Shenzhen, China. This lead to further inward investment with a state-of-the-art, custom built, self-owned, fully vertically integrate manufacturing plant in Ji’An, Jiang Xi province, China.

The huge, 400,000 square meter facility allowed for organic growth, further development of internal processes and massive increase in capacity that allowed the IAG Group to bring it’s a plethora of globally recognised brands one-step further.

Following the successful launch of the IAG factory, more brands become part of the group and more innovations have been made through the 2010s, to make IAG a significant global player in the home audio, hi-fi, AV, consumer audio, pro audio and professional lighting sectors.

The human resources talent selection of the IAG Group means a collective of local and international talent work in all areas of the company, with a continuously expanding specialist team of experts within its field of operations.

Today, the IAG Group and its team design, tool and manufacture over 95% of all our products’ constituent components. We produce more parts of our own speakers than any of our competitors and this trend continues throughout our brand portfolio.

Never willing to rest on their achievements, the IAG Group is subject to continuous evolution, inward investment and expansion that will allow the group to remain at the forefront of loudspeaker design, technology, innovation!

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