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IAG Group

IAG Group Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong, in 1991 with success founded upon the manufacturing of audio products.

Now with a reputation that incorporates the history of some of the world’s oldest, and most prestigious audio brands, IAG Group Ltd. is a leader in the world of home and professional audio.

Not only a family of brands, the IAG Group is unique in the fact that we own our production, manufacturing, research and development and sales channels – a vertically integrated machine in every sense.

Operating on a global scale, with offices, subsidiaries, distribution and representation in over 100 countries, IAG Group Ltd. is a worldwide force.

China is the centre of operations for the IAG Group. With self-owned, centralised manufacturing in Jian, Jiang Xi, the IAG Group factory covers an area of approximately 400,000 square metres. Operating in a  ‘raw-material to finished goods’ manufacturing remit, combined with international research and development expertise, IAG Group stands head and shoulders above the competition in terms of capabilities and efficiencies.

Our inward investment extends to state-of-the-art R&D facilities located in the UK’s home of Hi-Fi, Huntingdon, Cambridge, as well as Yokohama, Japan and China’s technology capital, Shenzhen.  The IAG Group team of skilled professionals engineer cutting edge technology, from the ground up. Combine this with a fully equipped tool-shop and multi-skilled NPI teams for on-site prototyping and development, the IAG Group keeps the notion of ‘concept to competition’ under one single, exceptionally capable umbrella.

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without

音乐创造一种人类的天性不可或缺的愉悦。 孔夫子

The IAG Group brands, people and partners have a common purpose – the pursuit of quality and excellence; the non-stop quest for innovation; and a determined drive for continuous improvement in order to deliver unrivalled, incredible value and seminal audio products for the most important people to us; the end-customer.

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