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Michael & Bernard


Twin brothers, Michael and Bernard, have been engaging in the sound and lighting industry for more than thirty years, when they founded their distribution busines, in Taiwan. They moved to Hong Kong in 1991, before their business ventures entered China in the late 1990s, with Bernard and Michael setting up their own manufacturing plants and establishing the structure of industry leading facilities of the IAG Group.

The rapid expansion of Michael and Bernard’s business coincided with their company’s acquisition of a selection of the world’s most famous audio brands.

Throughout the years of progression, Michael and Bernard have lead the IAG Group in achieving market share and distribution networks around the globe. The IAG Group brands and registered trademarks can be found in all continents and over 100 countries.

Now proud founders and leaders of the IAG Group, Michael and Bernard actively lead the world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, supported by a global team of talent and experts within the many fields that IAG operates.

With his many years of experience at the forefront of the audio manufacturing industry, Michael also holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. from the National Taipei University of Technology.

Tony Wen

IAG Board member, Chairman

A graduate of Wuhan University of Technology, with a major in Computer Science and Technology, Tony Wen is the Chairman of the IAG Group Board of Directors.

With many years of experience in the production of high-tech and critical precision components, manufacturing facility management, and enterprise,  Tony Wen joined IAG Group in 2002. With nearly two decades of dedicated service to the IAG Group, Tony is responsible for development planning, policy making, investments, and general management of the IAG Group’s board of directors and company-wide strategies.

Jay Xu

IAG board member, Director of Manufacturing

Jay graduated from Southeast University with a major in mechanical manufacturing in 1992. Jay’s experience includes climbing the career ladder from technician to senior management through engineering, manufacturing, materials control and operational roles. Since 2016, when Jay joined IAG Group, he was won recognition in the form of 2016 Ji’an County Excellent Factory Director (Manager) Award, 2018 “Golden Cuckoo Award” for the second cultural industry in Jiangxi Province—Cultural Industry Annual Contributor Award,  2019 Ji’an County May 1st Labor Medal and 2019 Ji’an County Excellent Factory Director (Manager) Award.

Jamie O’Callaghan

IAG board member, Director Global Sales & Marketing

Jamie has nearly 20 years experience the audio industry. He is a BSc (Hons) graduate of Music Technology and Business management disciplines and vastly experienced in all areas of sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing.
Having worked at all levels of the industry including retail stores, regional management and global operations, Jamie has worked in global management for some of the biggest brands in the industry.
A British native, Jamie has lived and worked in Shenzhen and the Guangdong province of China, since 2014

Tatsuya Sueyoshi

IAG board member, President of Luxman Corporation

With many years of experience in engineering, sales, marketing and manufacturing, Tatsuya Sueyoshi is the President of the Luxman Corporation. Responsible for the whole of the IAG Group’s Luxman operation, Tatsuya oversees the global Luxman business and manufacturing, based at Luxman’s headquarters in Japan.



Peter Comeau

Director of Acoustic Design

In 1979, Peter co-founded Heybrook Hi-Fi to design and manufacture the multi-award-winning HB1 and classic HB2 loudspeakers. He joined Mission as Director of Acoustic Design in 1999.  Peter re-joined Mission – now under the IAG ownership – in 2009, assuming overall acoustic design responsibility for all of the brands within the Group. With a deep respect for the history of these brands and the necessity to maintain each individual brand’s design integrity, Peter continues to design award-winning speakers at IAG’s research centers in Huntingdon, England, and Shenzhen, China.

Remo Orsoni

General Manager, Research & Development, Professional Audio

Remo’s experience in pro audio is impressive with a solid track record of both hands-on technical development and R&D team leadership success, built up over many decades. Recognised in the industry as a result of his previous work at Proel Group (Axiom), Powersoft and Music Tribe (Turbosound), he is widely experienced in acoustic engineering, audio electronics, FIR DSP algorithms and loudspeaker system design is driving the progression fo the IAG Professional Audio division.

Mubashar Ali

General Manager, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering

Mubashar Ali majored in electrical engineering design and Development at the University of Surrey, with an advanced Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

With a widely varied career in many areas of groundbreaking electronic engineering development, Ali joined the IAG Group via the Audiolab brand, for which he was responsible for leading the research and development team. Since 2002, Ali has He served as the general Manager of Electronics and Mechanical engineering within the IAG manufacturing facilities.

David McNeill

General Manager, Industrial Design

David McNeill is a highly experienced Industrial Designer who has been working in the audio industry since 1995 and with IAG from 2005.   David creates aesthetic solutions for the IAG brands. He works closely with the Director of Acoustic Design and the engineering teams based at the IAG UK and the R&D facility in Shenzhen.

Our People

The IAG group employs over 2000 people around the world. With expertise and exceptional talent in sales, marketing, manufacturing, R&D, engineering, IT,  finance and global logistics, the wider IAG team is amongst the best in the world!

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