Wharfedale is one of the earliest pioneers of high fidelity audio reproduction. Founded by Gilbert Briggs in 1932, Briggs won first prize in a competition with the first drive unit he ever made – the ‘Bronze’ model, and from then on built a strong reputation for pioneering within what is now firmly established as the ‘Hi-Fi’ industry.


In the 1950’s Gilbert Briggs embarked on an ambitious collaboration with a close friend and colleague, Quad’s ‘Peter Walker’. With Quad supplying the amplification and Wharfedale building the loudspeaker systems, they introduced what was to become an industry-defining series of concerts wherein audiences were invited to experience live versus recorded music first hand. Touring the UK and the USA and playing at venues as auspicious as the Royal Festival Hall in London and Carnegie Hall in New York, Gilbert Briggs introduced listeners to the delights of quality hi-fi and stereo sound.

Into the 1970s, Wharfedale pioneered the use of “Laser Interferometry”, an advanced method of analyzing cone performance, and introduced the world to a new generation of accuracy and neutrality in loudspeaker design. Wharfedale’s commitment towards raising standards is in evidence through decades of awards the brand has received in recognition of the superiority of its series of products, for example the massively acclaimed Diamond Series first introduced in the early 1980s

At the turn of the century Wharfedale was bought by IAG and has continued to grow through its philosophy of pioneering innovation in acoustic engineering and performance. The Wharfedale Diamond marquee has always been immensely popular amongst critics and users alike and has been showered with awards such as What Hi-Fi Best Loudspeaker 2001, 2004, 2005, 2009 and featured in Stereophile’s ‘Entry Level’ class components.

Today, The Wharfedale products still continue to win awards for acoustic excellence and stay true to the original legacy and philosophy of Gilbert Briggs. Whilst maintaining the highest quality of sound reproduction Wharfedale will always concentrate on excellent value for money. The likes of Diamond 100, Jade series, DX-1 AV package and the classic Denton have ensured Wharfedale maintains its image as an industry leader.


Wharfedale’s plans are to lead the market through innovative ideas and maintain its product excellence making sure Wharfedale remains one of Britain’s oldest and most famous loudspeaker brands for many years to come.

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