Wharfedale Pro is a specialist division that designs and manufactures pro and commercial audio equipment, from portable and touring sound reinforcement to fixed installation systems. Functioning as a separate entity within the IAG group, Wharfedale Pro concentrates solely on the professional audio market, offering a complete product range that caters for every stage of the signal path from microphone to loudspeaker.

Renown for developing class-leading products with high performance and reliability, Wharfedale Pro continues to push the boundaries of innovation and value within the pro audio industry. Pro products are developed after deep research and market appraisal to ensure their prominence in design and technology.

All Wharfedale Pro products are manufactured in an IAG-owned state-of-the-art production facility, where exacting standards are met at every stage of the manufacturing process. A rigorous quality control procedure is conducted from component level to the end product, resulting in an excellent finished product that is ready for a lifetime of performance.

By making continued investment in research, development, design and manufacturing, IAG demonstrates a clear intention to grow the Wharfedale Pro brand and its global identity. The acquisition of world-class expertise and the very best technology guarantees that Wharfedale Pro will not only retain but also extend its position as best in its class.

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