Castle Acoustics was established in 1973 by six senior engineers who had worked for one of the world’s oldest and most respected hi-fi brands, Wharfedale. Their vision was to create a brand that is at one with acoustic performance, design and engineering – a breed of products with perfect balance inform and function.

What made Castle unique among the burgeoning diversity of loudspeaker manufacturers in the ‘70s and ‘80s was their insistence on in-house design and manufacture of all the drive units and electronic components in their loudspeakers as well as the beautifully handcrafted real wood-veneered cabinets used to enclose them. The Castle brand rose to popularity through its introduction of models such as the famous ‘Howard’, ‘Harlech’, and ‘Durham’ and later adapted new technologies to introduce home cinema products, featuring the same attention to detail as the two channel models.

Recognised as a premiere manufacturer of furniture quality high fidelity loudspeakers, each handcrafted using the finest of materials – Castle products use premium wood and veneer allied to the best acoustic materials and technology, prepared, assembled and finished to the highest of standards.

IAG acquired Castle Acoustics in 2007 with the vision of maintaining its position as a leading Hi-Fi brand in the international market whilst continuing its innovative engineering and impeccable craftsmanship. The Knight series, introduced in 2010, was a perfect example of IAG’s intentions; it was developed through sophisticated research in acoustic engineering, while retaining the traditional virtues of impeccable design and presentation – a perfect balance of form and function. Knight series loudspeakers won numerous accolades by Hi-Fi enthusiasts and reviewers including Best Loudspeaker from Hi-Fi Choice and winner of a Hi-Fi World group test in 2012.

Castle Acoustics speakers represent the very best in loudspeaker quality, from superb hand-finished real wood veneered cabinets; to state-of-the-art woven carbon fibre coned bass units. Each loudspeaker features the latest innovation in acoustic technology and materials, always with the aim of ‘no compromise’ sonic performance.

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