Our Mission & Our Values

Our Values:​

  • Innovation

  • Honesty
  • Relentless

  • Accomplishable

We genuinely believe that constant innovation and progression is the only way forward for the IAG Group, it’s partners and our customers.

With our heart on our sleeve and openness, the IAG Group is relentless is in its passion and pursuit of our goals. A mission that we know is 100% accomplishable!

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without

音乐创造一种人类的天性不可或缺的愉悦。 孔夫子

Our Philosophies:​

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Accountability

  • Accessibility

We work closely with all of our partners and we listen to our customers, in order to develop something more than products; we strive for life-enhancing customer solutions, through collaboration and creativity.

We take responsibility for our path and by doing so, we aim to make these life-enhancing customer solutions available to all.

Our Mission:

The pursuit of quality and excellence, for life

The IAG Group brands, people and partners have a common purpose – the pursuit of quality and excellence; the non-stop quest for innovation; and a determined drive for continuous improvement in order to deliver unrivalled, incredible value and seminal audio products for the most important people to us; the end-customer

Our Goal:

The World's leading Audio Manufacturer

Already equipped with industry leading facilities, resources, talent and brands, the IAG Group plans to further establish itself as the World’s Leading Audio manufacturer through continuous investment and innovation.