The Luxman story begins with an uncompromising commitment to develop audio components that reproduce music with purity and emotion – audio that is accurate and virtually indistinguishable from original live performance.

For over 80 years, Luxman’s designers and engineers have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of excellence. Amongst the brand’s major technological breakthroughs are the first C.S.Z. transformer (1952), N.F. tone control circuitry (1961), Multistage feedback(1962), D.C. amplification (1975), Duo-Beta Circuitry (1980), Computer AnalyzedTuning (CAT) 1982, the world’s first LED lighted remote control (1985), Time Coherent Digital Analogue Converter – Fluency DAC (1987), Modular, electronic volume control with only two resistors in circuit – LECUA 1000 (2006) and ODNF 4.0 (2012). Luxman’s history is indelibly etched with the mark of engineering excellence.

From a modest beginning in 1925 manufacturing switches and transformers, Luxman now delivers the finest line of high fidelity systems that technology can deliver with uncompromising quality. The technological advancements incorporated into Luxman products is vital to the quality of sound it produces, just as the intricate detail put into the process of its manufacture wherein every minute element put inside each Luxman product is meticulously selected and tested by hand – every capacitor, resistor, integrated circuit, even the wiring.

Moreover, Luxman believes that each audio component should have a unique personality, thus, our engineers consider shape, contours, color, feel, and other sensual properties when designing a product. Our principal design motif – the interplay with light and shadow, features sculpture-like profiles adding a touch of luxury to our products, making it a perfect addition to any type of environment.

The natural acoustics that Luxman amplifiers produce paved the way for the interaction between people and music. This interaction resulted to a natural influence of music to its listener’s imagination – thus becoming the basis of Luxman’s philosophy in manufacturing its products. Musicians pour their passion into their music while recording engineers record the music precisely to its very last detail, what Luxman amplifiers do is purely reproduce each sound so that fully conveys the artist’s message to its listeners – a philosophy to be carried on by IAG as it ventures into there vival of the high-end Luxman brand in preparation for its worldwide launch.

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