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Our strength lies in our team of over 2000 experts spread across the globe, covering diverse fields. IAG Group, as a brand owner, manufacturer and a pioneer in technical development, has established its presence in 120+ countries worldwide. Our team extends support to manufacturing, supply chain, research & development, sales and marketing across three continents.
At IAG Group, your contributions matter and progress is always on the horizon. You’re empowered to make an impact and enhance systems and processes, all while gaining invaluable experience across a worldwide network of projects and departments.
Our audio brands are truly exceptional, setting the standards for excellence and earning countless awards along the way. We have an outstanding team of professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible products and services to our valued customers and partners. As we expand our portfolio and explore new segments, we remain committed to providing only the very best in audio technology.
We at the IAG Group firmly believe in the importance of constant innovation and progress. We are committed to moving forward and providing the best possible products and services to our valued partners and customers. It is through our dedication to excellence that we can continue to set the standards for quality and continue to earn recognition and awards in the industry.
Working for the IAG Group doesn’t just bring excellent compensation, benefits and a unique work environment. You’ll be given the opportunity to shine and grow, as we do. Join the IAG Group and let’s build something special, together.

Together, let’s create audio excellence.


At the International Audio Group, we are dedicated to assembling a team of talented individuals who share our passion for delivering exceptional audio experiences. We believe that our success lies in the expertise, creativity, and commitment of our employees.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we are constantly seeking talented individuals to join our team and contribute to the development of high-quality audio products. Together, we can create innovative solutions, push boundaries, and shape the future of the audio industry.

Join us and be part of a dynamic and collaborative environment where your skills and ideas will be valued and nurtured.

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Competitive Salary

IAG offers some of the best remuneration packages in the industry.

Great Benefits and Opportunities

As you'd expect from a global organisation... and more!


Unparalleled professional development opportunities are available in abundance!

Global Culture

We are passionate about working with people in every aspect of our business. We take great pride in the people we collaborate with, and we are dedicated to fostering strong relationships in all aspects of our work and across all of our areas of representation.

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