H. J. Leak & Co. Ltd. was formed in London in the year 1934 by Harold LEAK. LEAK made its major breakthrough with the commercial introduction of the “Type 15” audio power amplifier. This particular model set the standard of performance adopted in all LEAK amplifiers and initiated the “Point One” range – the first amplifiers to reduce all distortion to below 0.1% at rated output, in 1945.

LEAK established itself as a major contender in the Hi-Fi boom of the 1950s and 1960s with the launch of the TL/12 triple loop feedback amplifier in December 1948, so named because the 26dB of negative feedback includes 3 gain stages plus the output transformer. The TL12 utilized one of the best audio power valves ever made, the KT66 tetrode, and included oil impregnated paper dielectric capacitors in the power supply to produce excellent sound quality.

LEAK amplifiers all featured an overall build quality that was superior in its class. The chassis was made from heavy gauge steel and was bronze or gold stove enamel finished. Transformers were generously proportioned with all components laid out on a custom-made terminal board wired via cable-looms. Many of LEAK’ s valve amplifiers are still used by enthusiasts today and only change hands at exorbitantly high prices.

To the true audiophile, IAG will demonstrate yet again its interest in audiophile class valve (tube) electronic product development by re- launching LEAK back in the high-end sector of the market whilst developing new and improved valve amplifiers using state-of-the-art technology and the finest engineering standards available.

The return of a legend

After many years in a state of dormancy, LEAK was rescued by the IAG Group – one of the world premiere manufacturers of audio products and owner of a plethora of classic British brands. In 2020, the year of Harold Joseph Leak’s 113th birthday and H.J. Leak & Co’s 84th birthday, IAG Group proudly bring the return of LEAK. Maintaining the art-deco inspired, classic-styled high-quality home audio format for the modern-day hi-fi enthusiast, LEAK is reborn. With close attention to detail in styling, performance and value, LEAK finally returns for the masses with the LEAK STEREO 130 and the first-ever digital CD playback device for LEAK, the LEAK CDT. Offering diverse media compatibility, for the modern-day audio enthusiast, without compromising on style and values of audio performance

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